Why Having A Coach Is Awesome





We both know you’re a total badass capable of DIY-ing your way to thrill, but sometimes the fastest and most enjoyable way to get to where you want to go is just to ask for directions. 

Working with me is like meeting a fellow traveler who’s “been there, done that” and can’t wait to warn you about that dodgy kebab shop with the questionable shawarma. You get insider tips on lesser known short-cuts (like budgeting, time management, and meal prep) and you’re saved the hassle of spending half your trip on the loo. 

So whether you want to revamp your diet or revamp your life, I’ll save you the hassle of false starts, unsuccessful attempts and trying things that simply don’t work, all the while reminding you of your badass potential. 

Why trial-and-error your way to thrill, when you could spend your time living it?

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