Dear Thrill-Seeker,

I know. Life is  hard. Like, really hard. And that’s before you even factor in things like chronic illness and stock market crashes. So if you’re feeling a bit like chronic, persistent thrill is impossible, I get it. I’ve been there too. 

But I also know that while you may not feel like one today, you were born a go-getter, brimming with unbridled determination and armed with boundless confidence in your ability to succeed.

In fact, you once believed in yourself so strongly that you willed yourself to crawl, to walk, and then to run in the direction of your dreams. Even as a fraction of the person you are now, you were already unstoppable.

So whether it’s chronic fear, doubt, and insecurity that’s keeping you from your thrill, or chronic pain, fatigue, and brain fog, don’t let it define who you are by letting it keep you from becoming who you’re meant to be. 

Live Your Thrill! The life you dream of is well within your reach and I, for one, still believe in your limitless potential. (And if you want a little help getting there, well, that’s what I’m here for! For you.)


…because every day should feel like FUNDAY (especially Mondays).
3…because you can’t do your best when you don’t FEEL your best.

…because life doesn’t always throw us just LEMONS.


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